The Bausdale Crew



The Bausdale Crew is a theatre company comprised of young comedians. It is one of the many activities of the NGO « In&Out of the Ghetto », based in Bauleni Compound, created in 2012. The initiative of the theatre company has been launched in April 2014. The company has its roots in Bauleni and wishes, through drama, to entertain and empower young people from Bauleni compound « in and out » as well as to represent the voice of the voiceless.


  1. To entertain people in the community and beyond
  2. To promote Bauleni and to represent its community
  3. To motivate and empower the community


  • Collaboration and respect between the members of the crew, with the partners and the audience
  • Commitment through « 3 P » : being Prepared, Punctual and Professional
  • Self-motivation, humility and will to learn and improve theatrical skills


Every week, the Bausdale Crew meets for a workshop in Steve Biko centre in Bauleni. The workshop is held from 15:00 to 17:00 hrs and is open : anyone curious or interested is welcome to attend and even participate. Since its beginning, the Crew has been working to develop theatrical skills, with experts such as Tsungaï Garise (theatre director from Dinaledi Expressions), or Nolwenn Lelièvre (choir director).

The workshops mainly concentrate on the following fields:

  • Body and gesture
  • Identification and expression of emotions and feelings
  • Voice projection and articulation
  • Concentration and awareness
  • Self-confidence building
  • Team building, listening skills, dialogue
  • Improvisation (both individual and in group)
  • Specificities of the performances for a young audience
  • Creation of a story
  • Rehearsals for the shows

On stage !

The Bausdale Crew has performed at Alliance Francaise of Lusaka in December 2014 in collaboration with actors from Dinaledi Expressions. The show took the form of « Improv Games », an hilarious form a theatre show which was born in Québec in the 70s and involves the participation of the audience.

In June 2015, on the occasion of the 3rd anniversary of the association In&Out of the Ghetto, the Bausdale crew has performed its first “Panali Panali”, a story-telling play for children which has been popularized in Zambia by the director Tsungaï Garise from Dinaledi Expressions. The three-act play “Welcome to the village”, co-writed by the members of the Crew, has been a real success !


The Crew is also willing to develop partnerships with theatre institutions and associations such as Barefeet, and is getting well-known in Bauleni and in Lusaka by offering street performances. Soon, hopefully, the crew will also be active in public schools!

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