Panjila House


Panjila means “on the way” in local language and it would like to become a meeting point, where knowledge is shared, where different people exchange about their backgrounds, cultures and stories.
The house is located in the heart of the compound, which offers to its hosts a taste of local lifestyle, allowing them to question themselves thanks to this immersion in the dynamics of the ghetto.
Our philosophy lead us to decide to live inside the compound, where the people we are work with is living.

We are talking about a small-sized accommodation, recently renovated and in excellent conditions. The standard is set higher than other structures in the compound, hence the running water in the kitchen and the bathroom, boiler for hot water, truss roof, false ceiling with resistant metal sheet, septic tank, security grid on the doors and windows, as well as a little garden with a water point. The house is composed of two bedrooms: one with 4 beds and the second one with 5 beds.
Our dream is to use the income of Panjila House in order to make the project and the In&out of the Ghetto in large independent self sustainable.
What we are expecting from our guests is to discover, to feel, to live the beauty of the compound and… to leave a significant and important book for their life to keep in our bookshelf, “a special present sign of their presence”
…on the way to Bauleni!


Panjila House – Plot No. 22/ 09
P.O. Box 33208
Bauleni Compound Lusaka Zambia
Phone +260 953530627
Office +260 9540080848
Facebook: Panjila House

“The world is like a book and those who do not travel only know one page”
(Agostino D’Ippona)