Africa Sarda Studio

“Hello Friends, I am Carla Cocco, class of 1978.

I am a Sardinian singer but my heritage is Greek and I have been living in Rome for the past 20 years.

I’m on my fourth album, which will be released in 2018 and is definitely the most important because I anticipate it was designed exclusively to thank you for the help you want to give me.

This dream of mine begins in 2015, when I represent Italy musically in Lusaka (Zambia), for the XV Week of Italian Language in the world.

Here I have the opportunity to visit the Bauleni compound and get to know the “African Voice Band“, a teenage band born in the courtyards of the ghetto.

My dream is called: “Africa Sarda Studio”, a recording studio/music school within the ghetto, which allows these kids to study, practice, autonomously record their music and take it out of the ghetto, also through the organization of a series of concerts, far from a reality that we all imagine.

In this way, the children would be the active protagonists of the development of the community they live in and would be removed from their inevitable fate of poverty, illiteracy, delinquency and drug addiction.

It would give them the chance to build a different, new, positive future. A room in the ghetto was already prepared and designed only for the study (50 square meters).

This crowdfunding campaign would, therefore, serve to partially cover the costs for the construction of the recording studio in the ghetto; expenses for a voice training course for the boys and costs for creating the record.

Music means sharing, empathy and love.

That’s why I thought about crowdfunding: a family, ours, the one we will build together, that will allow the realization not of a “one-way” selfish dream, but the one that could change forever these kids and life and ours, because we would be its creators.

We have so much to learn from them, their laughter, their smiles.

I have never chosen the easiest way, I have never chosen the most comfortable route. I always risked and I decided to do it again, this time together with you.

Thank you.


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The works have already started! Stay tuned for more news!